What we do

We are simply Free University of Nigeria. Our platform enables members access to higher education tutorials free of charge. Free University of Nigeria (FUN) is one of the world's first not-for-profit; tuition-free, cloud-based university system, dedicated to the people's request for education to be accessible and affordable globally. Based on the principles of social networking, e-learning and peer-to-peer learning, coupled with open-source technologies and Global Open Networks for Education (GONE), FUN is designed to provide access to university degree tutorials for qualified individuals, irrespective of financial, geographic or societal constraints.

Tuition-Free University

Yes! It is called Free University of Nigeria (FUN). A tuition-free university is here to make education accessible and democratic for our youths, adults and the world. If you think this is not possible then wait till you see our well motivated and tutored graduates taking over. We are not here to announce our presence alone but to inspire the youths to shun violence and embrace the goodness that comes with freedom and hard work. Be innovative, #ThinkDifferent with your time if you want to rule your world. 


FUN grounds its institutional culture in candour, transparency and best professional practices, and expects all students, faculty, staff, and administrators to uphold the highest standards of personal integrity, honesty and responsibility.

Why Choose Us

We are the world's largest online university to offer free online as well as offline courses. We are operating effectively on a limited budget without compromising standards of quality education. Embracing collaborative learning and utilizing open educational materials (OpenCoursenotes), We make the best use of a student body from around the world promoting global peace and prosperity.

How and Where?

It is practically not possible to achieve this with traditional university and accrediting bodies approach without a touch of technology and the mind so we are strategically using the dropping cost of internet access in Africa to give education to the people. We are presenting the cloud based platform where higher educational materials are published by global volunteers for students use. Students who can not study on their own may require mentorship and supervision for them to maintain dedication. Students in this category can easily work to any of our accredited lecture centres to enroll for tutorials for a fee. We are also providing a traditional university approach to grade and certify.


More About Us

This is in accordance with National University Commission (NUC) regulation which is 70% from semester's exams and 30% from tests and TMAs (Tutored Marked Assignments)

Minimum entry requirements for young school leavers are 5 O level credit passes. Prospective students including those with awaiting results that have extreme passion for distant and online education but lack basic entry qualification may apply.

We take attendance from online lectures, monthly seminars, practical and training and it is mandatory for all students. Every student is required to make a minimum of 75% attendance before he/she is allowed to sit for the semester examination. Any student with a record of less than 75% attendance may be disqualified from sitting for the examination of that semester. The system have been programme to take records of student's logins to the online campus and lecture area and output it as attendance.

Why FUN?

FUN is a tuition-free university with dedication to make education more attractive and accessible to all irrespective of your affiliation, religion, race and geographical location. it is the most powerful solution for Education in Africa right now.

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