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Though literacy on a national or global scale has not always been historically significant, today we recognize literacy as a basic human right and organizations all over the world are pushing towards increasing the literacy rate of all countries worldwide. Being able to read and write not only empowers a person but also opens a whole new world of opportunities that is required in order to abolish poverty, and eliminate hunger, and see any progress in the human species overall. Here we are not just looking at educating people but also giving them hope and intellectual strength to be the best by transforming them into national economic ambassadors within their various chosen fields.

The declining fortune of literacy ratio in Nigeria is, indeed, an embarrassment to the nation and a threat to our national development as we currently have over 10.5 million children out of school. The current Education for All, EFA, Global Monitoring report ranks Nigeria as one of the countries with the highest level of illiteracy. The EFA report on Nigeria affirmed that the number of illiterate adults has increased by 10 million also over the past two decades, to reach 35 million.

 Who We Are

BBSBC Enterprises  is registered in the Federal Republic of Nigeria as an Alternative Education provider and entrepreneurship development  company in 2013. In our quest to provide a more accessible platform for the youths to have access to alternative higher education we have decided to embrace information technology and virtual education system through the use of the internet.

Our recent project, Free University of Nigeria or simply FUN) is a tuition-free, cloud-based platform that is billed to provide a professional alternative education which is also the first in Africa to propose an alternative education university whose interest is in opening access to higher education for all in Africa.

What We Do

We train students in entrepreneurship and equip them with commerce, trade and Agriculture skills, partnership with some professional bodies may be considered for the sole aim of capacity building. We provide a holistic approach to training and development, thereby transforming our youths into the real national economic development ambassadors.

How we do it

Although we are privately registered training company but our Training Fee is Free as we do not any fee for training you (tuition-free), however you will be required to pay an enrollment / processing fee of N5000 (local students) or $30 (for international students). This fee is used for your ID cards, Postages, and Matriculation ceremony.

Other minor charges include cost of examination / CBT access fee (of N1,000 per course) which is not directly for the school as it will be used to book for a computer based testing centre for students during semester examination.

Basic Facts about FUN

  1.  It will primarily cost the sum of N150, 000 to train a student here on yearly basis but you do not need to pay such a huge amount of money to have access to our higher education platform because BBSBC are tuition-free and a not for profit training company.
  2. We do not offer traditional degrees like (BSc, BTech, B.Eng. BA etc). FUN only award diploma and advanced diplomas and honor students with the prestigious Bachelor of Enterprise (B.Ent.) upon graduation. Other relevant honors include Master of Enterprise (M.Ent.) and Doctor of Enterprise (Dr. Ent.) for those experience students or members of the public who are doing well in their businesses with a verifiable contribution to National Economic Development. The awards and honors are purposely to shine a bright light on the hard work and exceptional accomplishments of our students, teachers, volunteers and the distinguished sponsors and businessmen and industry leaders to encourage the field of entrepreneurship in Nigeria.

Examination and Assessment

There are 2 semesters  and examination in a year with the following stages;

  • Stage one (1st semester)  – Foundation diploma – (e-exams)
  • Stage two (2nd semester) – Diploma I – (e-exams / pen on paper projects)
  • Stage three (3rd semester) – Diploma II – (pen on paper exams)
  • Stage four – (4th semester) – Advanced Diploma   (pen on paper exams)

Please note that all successful graduates of advanced diploma with a pass in their final project (Practical Enterprise Experience Requirement – PEER ) will be automatically honored with the prestigious Bachelor of Enterprise (B. Ent.)

Training and Exams
All training are done strictly online to enable students master the art of using computers and the internet which is the gateway to modern commerce (e-commerce).

In the process of our training, all registered students will be required to attempt and pass all their exams at the end of each semester. An exam fee of #1,000/course will be charged per course / semester examination, student offers minimum of 6 courses per semester.
A semester duration is 4 months, and there are 2 semester in a year. There will be a 2 months of tutor-marked project (TMP) annually that will be duly supervised and closely monitored to ensure success of the projects. Student will submit their project and defend them before advancing to the next stage.

Duration of Study – 24 months or 4 semesters.

For details on admission please click here


Free University of Nigeria Online 2017/18 Admission Application

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