The focus of educators should be on “the kind of subjects, and the kind of teachings that challenge critical thinking and being creative, thinking out of the box. It is even more so now than ever before with technology. There is a need for us to meet the requirements of our people”.

Vice President, Yemi Osibajo, on the state of education in Nigeria

Welcome to Africa’s Tuition Free Higher Education Centre

Free University of Nigeria offers a unique learning experience that is powered by social-networking, peer-based collaborative learning, with cloud technologies and the internet. Within online study communities, students share resources, chats with themselves and their lecturers who may be online or offline, exchange ideas, discuss weekly topics, share notes, submit assignments, and take exams and most specially discuss personal, national and global development.

Where does the study take place?

Free University of Nigeria student’s interaction and classes take place online, so students can learn wherever an Internet connection is available. All our tutorials are text based with few video references so with fast connection or a slow one, students receive the same lesson, as all materials, including the lessons, are online and text based. To allow even more people to participate, the lessons can be read in the span of a few days. They are not restricted to a specific time so that the students can study and participate in the course discussion forums whenever they are less busy.

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